Drawing competition

Drawing competition was organised for classes 6 to 10 on the topic Independence Day. Interested students participated in the competition and it lasted for an hour. Students used different themes to enhance their paintings. Everyone participated with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made beautiful thoughtful paintings.

School exhibition

The school exhibition was held in the auditorium on 11 July 2019. The models for the subjects Science, Mathematics, computer science, social science were put on display. The exhibition aimed at engaging the children to synergise experiences and to motivate each other to design and develop something novel. The exhibition saw participants ranging from classes 4 to 10.
The theme for science exhibition was science and the environment. Several interesting models Like a windmill, solar houses, Eco City, etc. were displayed at all levels. All working models were highly appreciated by the visitors and parents. 

English rhyme recitation competition

An inter-class rhyme recitation competition was organised for primary wing on 24 December 2019. The students recited poems on Christmas day. They were dressed up as Santa Claus with Fancy dress caps, crown and magic stick. The aura was brimming with such patriotic energy that instilled the same feeling in the audience and the management. Each of the participants presented the poems confidently and the competition was really tough for the management to finalise the winner.

Poster making competition

Poster making competition was organised for the students of 1st to 8th on 4th April 2019. The participants explored their imagination and creativity and depicted their thoughts in the most appealing manner. Each student prepared a beautiful poster on the theme Save Earth. Students thoroughly enjoyed this session proudly displaying their creation.

Independence day celebration

To spread patriotic fervour all around the premises, Independence day celebration was celebrated on August 14 2018 commemorating the sacrifices of the martyred souls who submitted themselves entirely for the cause of freedom of our country, India. the ceremonious occasion began with an unfurling of the tricolour which went along with the flag song that was sung in union. The celebration witnessed a blend of song, dances, skits, and poem filled with patriotism. Children wore tricoloured dresses which showcased their infinitive love for the nation.

Janmashtami celebration

A special assembly on Janmashtami was organised on 24th August 2019. The students presented a mesmerising dance performance involving Lord Krishna. Following the dance, a speech was delivered highlighting the significance of the festival. Another dance on midley of Krishna bond between Radha Krishna. It created an aura devotion towards Lord Krishna was celebrated with full zeal and zest and it revive the Heritage of culture and tradition.

Slogan writing competition

The students of our school made impressive slogans for encouraging the celebration of eco-friendly Diwali on 25th October 2019. This inculcated then the urgent need of the hour to keep the environment pollution free. They conveyed the message of clean Diwali green Diwali and promoted the requirements of saving the environment.

National deworming day program

Health is wealth - To ensure good health of the students, the school participated in National deworming day in accordance with the guideline of government which was conducted on February 2019. Students from all classes were given deworming tablets under the the supervision and guidance of teachers and government. Medical team also visited the school premises to examine any health issue (if occurred), but there was no such issue registered.


A workshop is a great way for the participants to clearly learn the concepts about a particular subject, learn new projects, and method in order to upgrade and improve one's knowledge and skills. Attending workshops can help students achieve success in their academic environment by putting these skills into practice. Upgrading and updating the knowledge and skills of our student and teacher have ensured that they are in tune with the latest and the best that is available to make learn fun and fruitful. Our teachers are enriched with multitude of workshops ranging from leadership to craft workshops, career counselling, etc.

Career counselling workshops

A Career counselling workshop was held in RD International School on 6 November 2019 for the students of class 9th and 10th. The baseline was to help the perspective generation to understand the hidden talent through an interactive counselling by the expert doctor Sudheer Sharma, an eminent educationist. Choosing the field according to one's interest and capability and then pursuing the same with conviction leads to success that Mr P.K. Dusey conveyed to the gathering by illustrating live cases and thought-provoking deliberations he made. The atmosphere was extremely electrifying and involved each and every participant to understand and realise their inherent strength to opt their best suited career option. The interaction session helped students in clarifying their doubts.

Rally : Water conservation

Water conservation is the most essential natural resource for sustaining life on earth. Eco club of RD International School organised a rally on 6th August 2019 in which students of 6 to 10 took part enthusiastically. The students made beautiful banners and shouted the slogan which displays the message, not to pollute the water bodies, and 'save life save water', etc. They also distributed stickers and pamphlets containing various tips and methods on how to conserve water so that people understand the value of water conservation and practice it in their daily life.

Paper bag making workshop

Whole world is facing a serious environmental threat and realises the importance of taking action to overcome this problem. To sensitise students about significance of reusable and eco friendly item like paper bag instead of plastic bag, paper bag making workshops was organised in school. In resources, a person showed the student how to make paper bags with old newspapers. Students learnt how to make paper bag personalised them by decorating and writing their thoughts and messages on them. The school believes in making students responsible for the environment and use only paper bags instead of plastic bags and help in preventing pollution.

Disaster management awareness programme

R.D. International School is well aware of it social responsibilities and the role of school in developing socially aware and responsible citizens. The School from time to time educates children about various disaster that they make face in the future and conduct mock drills to educate students for unforeseen calamities that may strike, so that they can save them self and others around them.

Recently, the school conducted a mock drill to educate students about earthquake teachers helped students to exit the school and assemble at the prayer ground as per the exit play in a calm and co-ordinated manner. A demonstration was put up by the students and teacher volunteers from the disaster management team of the school on how to conduct oneself in case of such occurance.

Fire safety training program

Most of the accidents happen because of our carelessness. Many of them can be avoided if we are more careful and implement certain rules and regulations regarding the fire protection. For this, the school conducted a mock drill on 5 October 2019 in which students and staffs were trained to get out of such situation there also train to use hydrant and fire extinguishers. They were taught the meaning of abbreviation pass mentioning on the fire extinguisher. The student paid attention to each minute detail talk to them

Life skills workshops

The life skill workshop was held at RD International School on 25 November 2019. As a part of teacher by 'promise' the purpose of workshop was to help teachers in discouraging the student from using foul language.

The workshop guided the teachers in making the students understand that foul language does make them mature and cool. In fact mature people refrain from using such language. And if they would not like other to abuse them similarly other would not like them to use abusive language. We need to the students to think for the talk.

Workshop for teachers

RD International School organise a workshop for the English Teacher on 22nd December 2019. The workshop included the uses of audio visual aids for teaching different concept to the children. The software provided an interactive manner of teaching and learning. The student could test their knowledge through various quizzes and they would also be provided with a detailed result showing the strengths and weaknesses of each and every child. The report card would show areas / concept child need the child need to work are in each chapter. Hence it was a step ahead of the other audio visual software helping the student to cover up in the week area 

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Physical education and sports

The school organises sports activities that lead to the all-round development of our students. In addition to teaching various sports skills, it is promoting multidimensional activities which satisfy human urges of competition and taste of victory. Students have the opportunity of participating in various School sports programs, as well as training in the specific discipline through our coaching programs. Sports facilities available in the school, are yoga and meditation, Judo, Karate Taekwando and indoor games.

Co-curricular activity

Visual performing arts

Music and dance

The school sensitise the students towards aesthetic sensibility and gradually channelise them to learn to perform art such as music and dance. They learn composition for folk songs, festival songs and patriotic songs.


The school follows a house system to develop qualities of leadership, self Reliance and Timber today it is an integral and vibrant part of a school culture student compete in various food academic and co curricular activities which promote values for a self discipline preserve n and resilience active role in the success of their house the entire student body is divided into four houses with adhere to a duty schedule throughout the year.

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Each house has its own house uniform allotted colour and house flag uniform is to be worn by students on Vedas as prescribed by the school clubs.


We at RD International School emphasize learning by doing so different Club of school undertake various activities which help the student in having harmonium development of their personality.

Eco club

The club creates awareness amongst the students to save our environment (Green-gold). It is important that this precious gift is nutured, preserved and reserved for next generation. To ensure our students become Global Green citizens, they are sensitized through various awareness programmes. Practicing different activities and practice and preach the golden rule - reduce reuse recycle

Health wellness club

Health of young children is of Paramount importance. Health is certainly wealth and the real wealth of nation is its future generation. It is one of the primary responsibility of school to promote among its pupils awareness about the value of good health and how to maintain it. As a part of this endeavour we have the health and Wellness club.

Art and craft club

The club inspired the students of to express themselves through paint and brush and also various craft activities.

Symphony club

This club Undertakes various activities and employs the dramatic talent and music talent of the student by conducting Act and drama, play skits on regular basis.